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An opening note to make sure everyone gets to see it. I require that you have the information mentioned down below in the Slots section when you take one. Also, be advised that things cannot be easily "erased" in 3D so think of all the specific details you may want when you give the information as it might be too late later to tweak those details.

After a long needed hiatus on this, I decided to finally reopen the Collection for new entries. This is a completely new wave with pretty much everything upgraded from the last time ; new character model, new hair styles, new background, new modeling workflow, and I am even getting help for character posing as well. Overall this means a higher quality for the new entries, which among other things results to a higher pricing compared to the previous wave. I hope the people interested will understand.

With this said, the premise is the same as the last wave, meaning immobilized ladies, stripped naked and put on display in a common gallery (meaning, same background for every entry). This includes but is by no means limited to :
  • Transformation into inanimate materials : stone, metals, plastic, chocolate, some translucent materials (see below)...
  • Transformation into mannequins, dolls, figurines, paintings, wall carvings, cardboard cutouts...
  • Cryo-freezing
  • Time-stopping and other body locking methods
  • Encasement in ice, glass, resin, carbonite...
  • Possibly others that I haven't thought of, so feel free to ask

This time around though, I will not allow the use of purely transparent materials such as glass or gemstones. They cause too many issues in terms of seeing the back or inside of the body through the front of it, and overall too much work to get something that looks remotely decent. Translucent materials are still fine though, such as frosted glass or jade.


Current slots for entries to the Collection :

  1. blahshi
  2. MercyMc
  3. EmpressLazy

Please note me if you want to reserve a slot. Things I need when you give me the detailed info are :

  • Character references (of reasonable size) and/or description (be advised that designing a character without references might be more expensive)
  • If applicable, references for the accessories
  • Method of preservation
  • What you want in terms of posing and expression
  • Optionally, the title if you want one in particular.

[Collection Wave 2 Entries]

[Pixiv account] (for dA-forbidden entries)


Payment is done through Paypal only. Prices are in Euros but non-EU commissioners may type in "<amount> euros to <your currency>" in Google to get the converted amount. Currency exchange rates will also apply, which according to Paypal lay between 0.3% and 1% of the price.

  • Base picture : 22-52€ depending on the complexity of the character model, potential accessories (up to 3), character pose, and material.

  • Extra pictures :
    • Extra render with just a different camera angle : 4€
    • Extra render with a different material : 4-10€ depending on complexity of the material
    • Extra render with a different pose : 12-20€ depending on the complexity of the pose
    • Extra render with a different pose and material : 12-26€ depending on the complexity of the pose and material

Notes on complexity

Here are some pointers as of what is commonly considered low or high complexity :

  • For materials :
    • Zero complexity : Plastic-like materials, simple metals (gold, silver, chrome, bronze), obsidian, wax, texture-less stones, chocolate
    • Low complexity : Marble, granite, encasement in ice or amber blocks, cryo-freezing without special effects
    • Medium complexity : Cryo-freezing with frost, mannequins, flattening/cardboard/wall carvings
    • High complexity : Cryo-freezing with icicles, mannequins with disassembled parts

  • For character models, things that increase complexity are :
    • Long and/or otherwise complex hair styles
    • Animal ears, tails, horns...
    • Extra accessories like weapons, detailed jewelry or headwear


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